The Ultimate Guide to How to Lose Weight Fast!

This is the ultimate guide to help you lose weight fast. Summer is upon us and you may think it’s too late to start a new fitness routine. It’s never a bad time to start thinking about changing your life for the better! It can be really hard to change your entire routine to live a healthier lifestyle. Even if you can, you may need an extra push to help you start shedding pounds. This article is full of tips to help you get into shape fast!

Scheduled Workouts

Don’t let your workout get set on the back burner. To help hold yourself more accountable for your workouts, write them in your planner. It is hard to forget to fit your workout in when you are constantly reminded of it. If you have a similar schedule everyday, try to make a habit of exercising at the same time. This will help you get into a natural groove.

You Don’t Need to Exercise in One Time Block

It can be hard for some of us to dedicate a whole block of time just for exercise. It is totally okay to split up your activities in smaller blocks throughout the day. This is a great option for people who are less active and get winded quickly. Science shows that short bursts of activity can be just as beneficial as working out for one long session.

Make a Vacation Plan

Just because you are on vacation doesn’t mean you can ignore your fitness goals. Most hotels have a fitness area where you can get a few miles in on the treadmill or elliptical. Before you travel, look to see if there are any fitness classes you can go to. Try zumba, aerobics, dance, or whatever interests you. You can even plan your workout in your sightseeing itinerary. Check out the sights on a bike or take a long hike.

Keep it Interesting

Your workout should have some variety. You won’t get the best results if you are doing the same routine everyday. Keep switching up your activities so you can tone all of your muscles in various ways. Studies reveal that this is also a great way to help people stick to their goals longer.

Choose Activities You Love

You are more likely to enjoy working out if you can find ways to exercise that are fun and engaging for you. It is good to challenge yourself, but if you aren’t having fun you are likely to stop working out altogether. By planning to do activities you enjoy, you are taking the dread out of your daily workout.

Make A Playlist with Your Favorite Songs

My favorite song for crunches is “Maneater,” by Nelly Furtado. It pumps me up and keeps me moving through one of my least favorite exercises. Once it’s over I move on to things I take more enjoyment from. Music can make you push yourself harder. It also has a great way of helping push you through some of the most intense parts of your workout.

Don’t Trust Your Scale

If you are working out right, you probably won’t be losing any weight. You are shedding fat, but it’s being replaced by lean muscle. Muscle is more compact but heavier than fat. That means your scale may tell you that you are gaining weight, but you are actually building muscle. A scale can trick you into thinking you aren’t making progress and you may give up.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking more water is a great way to keep your metabolism running right. Your body will also need more water to keep up with your exercising. Water has no calories and can help your body flush fat toxins and more. Try to drink at least 16 ounces of water everyday.

Always Have Your Own Snacks

Hunger can come out of nowhere. Stay away from gravitating to the drive through by keeping healthy snacks with you at all times. Stay away from processed foods. Instead pack fruit, berries, peanut butter, or natural protein bars. The top juicer on the market can make fruit smoothies and juice that stays fresh for up to three days and make you feel full for hours.

Make a Meal Plan

Making a meal plan can keep you from eating out during the week. Use the recipes to make your list and bring it to a farmers market or grocery store. Use as many fresh, in-season produce as you can. Think lean meats, fish, and fresh fruits and vegetables. Eat meals slowly to give your brain time to realise when you are actually full.

These are just some of the methods you can use to lose weight fast!